Meghan Markle turns a blind eye to her influence on King Charles’ monarchy, royal expert claims


Since the sudden death of Queen Elizabeth II has changed everything in the Royal Palace, Meghan Markle is still indifferent to the customs of the royal family. Since King Charles III took the throne, new changes will take place inside the royal house and in the life of Prince Harry and his family.

The couple married in 2018 after their decision to leave their titles and duties as a member of the royal family. However, Meghan spoke openly about the problems she faced at the palace. However, the differences between the “Force Majeure” star and the royal family played an important role in the discrepancies. The royal commentator and expert spoke about these differences that could affect the reign of King Charles III.

Meghan Markle turns a blind eye to her influence on the royal monarchy

So it’s certainly fair if Meghan’s methods for gaining fame and notoriety don’t work for the royal family. So those who don’t like her can say, “She’s thinking about it now, and she probably doesn’t care about the damage it could do to the royal family.” However, those others would just know that she doesn’t understand how things work in the palace. Once in an interview, the star of “Force Majeure” admitted that she knows nothing about the work of members of the royal family.

Since the day the couple left the palace, the Duchess has been accused several times for various reasons. When King Charles III ascended the throne, a royal commentator spoke about Meghan’s negligence regarding the impact of her words and actions. Jonathan Sacherdoti is a royal commentator and journalist who pointed out the differences between an actor and members of the royal family.

According to Jonathan, Megan came to the family a little later than other non-royal members, especially spouses. According to Jonathan, she came from the world of modeling and acting, not from the royal family. Therefore, she has no experience with the press and fame as a member of the royal family. These are two completely different backgrounds that are combined.


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