Meghan Markle: this letter to make her win!


Meghan Markle wants to do battle with the tabloids. And more particularly the Daily Mail. A letter could then turn the situation around!

After the Mail on Sunday, the Duchess therefore attacks the Daily Mail. Can Meghan Markle win her new legal battle? One thing in particular can tip the scales.

Once again, Meghan Markle stands up against the tabloids she considers slanderous. This time around, Prince Harry’s wife has a dispute with the Daily Mail.

Earlier this year, we learned that she had engaged in a standoff against Mail on Sunday. A legal battle that drags on.

So will she once again get bogged down in a new trial? Or will she avoid the dirty work of going to court?

It seems like one thing in his favor could make all the difference in this story. She could therefore avoid going through the court box if everything goes as planned.

Indeed, a letter written by Meghan Markle to her father would help her to get this thorn out of her foot. A letter that has just resurfaced and which may help the ex-actress win the battle.


The said letter was therefore addressed to Thomas, the father of Meghan Markle. She could help us find the truth in this matter once and for all.

According to the Daily Mail, the letter was intended to appear in the press. While the Duchess of Sussex refutes this, claiming the privacy of it.

Either way, 4 former Meghan Markle employees have reportedly got their hands on the letter. By bringing this to light, they will finally be able to put the end of this whole story.

For their part, the lawyers of these employees claim that they are “neutral” in this whole affair. “Their only interest is to ensure a level playing field with regard to [this] evidence”.


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