Meghan Markle: this 4 × 4 outing that does not go to the fans!


The ex-duchess Meghan Markle targets strong criticism after a 4×4 trip! We give you more details.

Meghan Markle criticized after a 4 × 4 trip!

Meghan Markle and her prince gave themselves a rare outing this Friday. An outing that has not gone unnoticed!

But it’s not so much the exit itself. Indeed, it was above all the choice of their car that caused a lot of ink to flow.

Indeed, according to the Daily Mail, which obtained the photos, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry chose to travel in 4 × 4. The couple was indeed in an Escalade of the Cadillac brand.

A means of transport very popular with American stars! The imposing car is certainly very comfortable, but far from being the best choice for the environment.

A choice that does not go unnoticed, especially since the couple says they are green! And this is not the first time.


Because of the coronavirus, Meghan Markle and Harry’s projects have been put on hold. Besides, since confinement, this is the first time that we have seen them in public in 2 months!

An outing that didn’t go through at all. Meghan Markle in a linen dress and ballet flats Chanel and Harry in jeans and a gray polo shirt wear masks as required by the State of California.

But the 4 × 4 they chose to go to their meeting does not please everyone. Once again the couple, who say they are green, make somewhat contradictory choices.

Internet critics have said that the 6-liter 4 × 4 engine is “far from being the most environmentally friendly.” Without surprise !

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Already last summer, the Sussexes had controversy after taking 4 private jets in 11 days! Prince Harry had made his mea culpa. “Although no one is perfect, we are all responsible for our individual impact. The question is how we can compensate for it. ”

Surely not roughly 4 × 4. Case to follow.


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