Meghan Markle: The court that scared the royal family!


In a few months, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will face a formidable lawsuit opposing them to the Associated Newspapers group.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are not getting 2021 off to a good start. In fact, in a few months, they will have to go to court.

The princely couple who have renounced their royal titles will have to appear in court in a lawsuit between them and the Associated Newspapers group. The latter publishes the British newspaper Daily Mail.

Meghan and Harry, represented by their lawyers, will therefore start a lawsuit against the powerful press group next fall. The Sunday Times reports that the American actress could find herself facing her dad, Thomas Markle.

According to the Daily Mail, relations between the young woman and her dad are far from good. The two protagonists have not spoken to each other for several years.

“This trial will be traumatic for Meghan and Harry”, relates a source close to the couple to the Daily Mail. The couple are in an awkward position.


The Duchess of Sussex had previously initiated legal proceedings against Associated Newpapers. Harry also sued the editor of the Daily Mail.

In October, he won his case against the paparazzi at the X17 agency. Meghan Markle’s husband had taken legal action against another British tabloid, the Daily Mirror.

The princely couple’s legal team filed a case in the High Court in London at the end of November, following an article published in October by the Mail on Sunday. The weekend version of the Daily Mail.

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The publication in question claimed that Prince Harry thus no longer had contact with the Royal Marines following the Megxit. The mother of little Archie had filed a complaint for invasion of privacy.

The Daily Mail revealed that the young woman has thus spent nearly two million euros in legal costs. She also paid fees which amounted to 74,000 euros. The trial should therefore take place in spring 2021.


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