Meghan Markle: the chief of the natives Jacinta Nampijinpa!


Another bad buzz for Meghan Markle. A native chef tackled the Duchess following her speech about the Black Lives Matter.Meghan Markle is not always unanimous with her videos … Lately an indigenous chef has not failed to pin down her stand for the Black Lives Matter.

Even in exile in L.A, Meghan Markle continues to occupy the media sphere. A few weeks ago, the Duchess broke her silence to speak out on the Black Lives Matter movement.

With Prince Harry, she also shared her feelings about the colonial past of certain great powers of the world … Like Great Britain.

Unsurprisingly, the Windsor clan saw red. But since the Megxhit, the Sussexes are free to express themselves on the subjects they wish.

But Jacinta Nampijinpa Price, an indigenous chief, seems to have been annoyed by Meghan Markle’s speech. Indeed, the latter accuses her of being a “privileged woman”, “completely removed from reality”.

Ms Price also claims that Archie’s mother would exclude other minorities to defend … And in her tirade for the Daily Mail, the native chief is not going dead hand.


For Jacinta Price, Meghan Markle made a meaningless speech. “There are a lot of people with a lot of goodwill who think that by jumping off the train they are supporting Indigenous Australians,” she said.

And to also confide: “But they are doing exactly the opposite”. In her streak, the chef also tackles the Black Lives Matter movement.

For her, other minorities who are victims of injustice are pushed aside.

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“Indigenous peoples are dying at a much higher rate at the hands of other indigenous people, but that’s something this movement is not interested in,” she said, not without bitterness.

According to her, African Americans are not “the most vulnerable individuals” in society. For the moment, Meghan Markle, who has supported the Black Lives Matter movement, has not yet reacted to the pike … To be continued!


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