Meghan Markle: revelations about Diana could shock Harry!

Meghan Markle and Harry will soon learn more about Diana. Netflix will broadcast a documentary that could make a lot of noise!

Harry and William lost their mother Diana when they were very young. Meghan Markle’s husband may well be shocked by the broadcast of a documentary.

A few months ago, Meghan Markle and Harry said they were retiring from the royal family. Then, the latter wanted their financial independence.

The Megxit made a lot of noise and many English people saw this with a negative eye. Nevertheless, the starlet and her husband wish to be able to live in complete privacy and away from the constraints of royalty.

For the past few weeks, Meghan Markle and Harry have been living in Los Angeles. The starlet wants to resume her acting career. For her part, her husband seems rather happy and he appears more relaxed than ever.

Still, according to Sun media, Netflix may soon release a documentary about Diana. This one is called Being Me and it may make a lot of noise. Indeed, the channel will highlight interviews with loved ones as well as photos from the early 1990s.

This documentary could highlight Diana’s troubles and her problems with royalty and her notoriety. As a result, Harry does not validate this project at all and he fears its exit.

“William and Harry will be very upset and angry. This is particularly painful for Harry because he works with Netflix, “said a source for the Sun.

Besides, Meghan Markle’s husband is not the only one opposing the release of Being Me: Diana. Indeed, the royal family does not want this project and will not answer any questions. “The royal family will refuse to participate, as will the Spencer family.”

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This documentary could tarnish Diana’s image of her suicide attempt in 1981. At that time, she had tried to end her life by jumping off the stairs of the royal residence. So, we can understand that Meghan Markle’s husband is against this project.



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