Meghan Markle should have received Kate Middleton’s engagement ring!


Why didn’t Meghan Markle finally inherit Kate Middleton’s engagement ring?

Kate Middleton is today inseparable from her sublime joke. However, Meghan Markle should have received it!

Indeed, since Prince William passed the jewel on her finger, Kate’s engagement ring has been written a lot! And the reason is quite simple.

First of all, it is simply because it was Prince Harry who recovered it after the death of his mother. Indeed, because the sublime ring belonged to Princess Diana.

On the other hand, its estimated price of 370,000 euros is much talked about. Just like the rare times that the Duchess of Cambridge has shown herself without the ring on her finger.

Besides, Meghan Markle’s beautiful sister only separates from jewelry on very rare occasions! She is indeed very attached to it.

This sublime jewelry was first offered to Princess Diana by Prince Charles. Indeed, the 18-carat sapphire, enhanced with 14 diamonds was his engagement ring.

16 years later, when Diana disappears in a tragic accident, Harry and William are allowed to keep a memory of their late mother. William therefore chose a watch and Harry the famous jewelry.

However, it is not on Meghan Markle’s finger that this one will have ended! And the reason is quite simple than we think.

Indeed, the two brothers William and Harry promised to give their mother’s ring to the first of the two who married. So Harry kept his word.

Meghan Markle therefore did not receive the ring intended for her. However, this gesture proves the love that there is between the two brothers.

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