Meghan Markle ready to play politics to fight racism?

The Duchess of Sussex during a visit to Tupou College in Tonga on the second day of the royal couple's visit to Tonga. (Photo by Kirsty Wigglesworth/PA Images via Getty Images)

Does ex-Duchess Meghan Markle envisage a career in politics? We give you more details!

Meghan Markle ready for a career in politics?

While the United States is in the middle of a war against racism, many voices are rising! And Meghan Markle also takes the opportunity to make hers heard.

Indeed, the ex-duchess is determined to get involved in the fight against racism. A fight waged by a large number of people around the world!

In fact, in recent times, several demonstrations have taken place to make things happen. Several celebrities have also joined the movement.

Many have indeed taken a stand against racial injustices. They showed their support by making donations.

But also by walking with the demonstrators! A very inspiring period for Meghan Markle who now wants to play a real role in this fight.


Actress, duchess and perhaps now a politician? Meghan Markle seems to want to build a bright future.

But before launching into the bath of American politics, the young woman first of all wants to improve her coat of arms. Indeed, some accuse him of seeking celebrity too much.

Meghan Markle then decides to sort through her life, starting with those around her. Her best friend Jessica Mulroney was caught in a scandal a while ago.

The latter is accused of racism after a violent argument with the influencer Sasha Exeter. The influencer criticized Jessica for not taking a stand for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Not very smart, the actress’s friend threatens Sasha by announcing that she will destroy her career. The influencer did not hesitate to reveal her messages to the general public.

The ex-duchess then decided to cut ties with her friend. Indeed, if the ex-duchess wants to fight racism, she must surround herself with people who share the same values.


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