Meghan Markle: ready for a documentary about her!


Meghan Markle’s father would he be ready to make a documentary on her daughter? We give you more details.

Meghan Markle’s father would be ready to make a documentary on his daughter!

Hard week for Archie’s new mom. Indeed, Meghan Markle must first deal with the imminent release of a book on her.

It’s his sister, Samantha Markle, who is the author. Thus, the latter promises to make revelations about her family!

What to stress Meghan Markle. Indeed the latter is not very serene.

Moreover, a close source would have even confided that the young woman would have “the stomach turned upside down”. We can therefore imagine that the former Duchess’s sister is motivated to reveal the secrets of her family.

Prince Harry’s wife is therefore afraid of the “hidden truths” that her sister intends to reveal. And as misfortune never comes alone, the young woman now has to face a documentary from her father!


So Meghan Markle’s dad decided to add a layer. The 76-year-old is set to make a documentary on the life of the young duchess.

The project will feature never-before-seen video footage from the life of Meghan Markle. In fact, he will mostly focus on his childhood and his pursuit of an acting career!

“It starts with my life, my family, my love of theater and television and how I got there. Thomas Markle told Sun media. “Then my life with Meghan, growing up, her school days until she went to college, and when her career started,” he says.

Finally, the father of the former actress also wants to show the change in behavior of his daughter. “We had a great life together, thanks to her first marriage and moving to Canada. »He specifies.

“Then a new story begins. It’s a bit like asking, “What happened to my little girl? And what didn’t work. »He adds finally. To be continued!


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