Meghan Markle: Queen Letizia is putting off her skirts!


Queen Letizia of Spain appears with the same skirt as Duchess Meghan Markle! We give you more details. Letizia from Spain wears a Hugo Boss skirt already worn by Meghan Markle!

On November 12, Queen Letizia of Spain was out. She had indeed two audiences at the Zarzuela Palace in Madrid.

The young woman first received the Spanish Association of Periodical Publishers. Before continuing with the members of the board of directors of the International Association of the Telephone of Hope.

Letizia of Spain has therefore opted for a very stylish look for this busy day. She was indeed wearing a blouse with vertical embroidered bands and puffed sleeves.

But it was her red leather skirt that caught our attention. And for good reason: it reminds us of that of the Duchess Meghan Markle! The latter had worn it for an event at Windsor Castle. Eh yes !


And this is not the first time that we notice a certain similarity in their dress style. In July 2019, Meghan Markle wore a Carolina Herrera denim dress to the Royal Berkshire Polo Club.

That same week, Letizia from Spain appeared in a denim dress by Hugo Boss. Same model is different from the one Meghan Markle wore, they seem to like the same things.

But it’s not just with Meghan Markle that she shares the same style. Indeed, Letizia of Spain once wore the same dress as the former First Lady of the United States.

During an official visit to the White House, King Felipe’s wife chose a dress by designer Michael Kors. Melania Trump had already worn a dress of the same model a year before, but in a different color.

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Melania’s was indeed blue. While that of Queen Letizia of Spain was pink. We can therefore say that the three women share the same style.


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