Meghan Markle: Prince Harry is very worried about the future of Archie!


Meghan Markle’s husband Harry is very worried about the future of his son Archie! Indeed, he expressed his concerns!

Meghan Markle’s husband worries about Archie’s future! Indeed, Harry expressed his anxieties in the annual report of the African Parks foundation!

Since the start of the pandemic, Prince Harry has been worried about the future! It must be said that Meghan Markle’s darling and the happy father of a one year old boy, Archie. He is therefore worried about his little cabbage!

In fact, in the annual report of the African Parks foundation, the brother of Prince William spoke of his worries about the future! Fears caused by the current covid-19 pandemic!

“Since I became a father. I feel even more pressure to give our children the future they deserve. A future that has not been taken away from them. A future full of possibilities and opportunities. Said Meghan Markle’s darling.


“I want us to be able to tell our children that … Yes, we saw it coming. And with the help of a group of dedicated people … We have done only what it takes to restore these ecosystems! Said Prince Harry!

About the covid-19, Meghan Markle’s husband also added. “The pandemic that shook us in our flesh. But there are solutions that work, and the African Parks model is one of them! ”

Archie’s father concluded! For that, Meghan’s husband commits to counting on 5 essential pillars! The strengthening of the law at first… But also the development of communities.

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Preserving biodiversity, entrepreneurship. Finally, the development and management of infrastructure in Africa is also one of the priorities of Meghan’s husband, the godfather of African Parks.


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