Meghan Markle: Prince Harry warns her!


Meghan Markle is not from a royal family at all. So Harry had to walk her through the protocols. But the most careful event is Christmas when the whole family gets together for the evening. And there are many rules!

When you’re not from a royal family, Christmas means a good time with the family, without the fuss. But when you’re facing the Queen of England, things turn out a bit differently! We must therefore not offend the sensitivity of each.

Harry was warning his wife Meghan Markle for Christmas Eve, according to the 2018 Sunday Express. The young woman was therefore able to count on her husband to guide her throughout the evening. According to a source close to the Crown, the Queen likes to emulate the leaders she met on Christmas Day.

But no question of shining for the American actress. You have to make yourself very small in the family. “They don’t like showing off, especially newcomers. The protocol is inflexible. You have to pay attention to the smallest deeds and gestures.


So Meghan Markle couldn’t show the extent of her talents at all. You shouldn’t talk too much about yourself in front of the royal family, but above all, never beat the Queen. Indeed, according to a close source, the family likes to play charades.

But you shouldn’t like to win. Because at home, it’s always Elizabeth II who has to win. Notice to sore losers! And of course, last tip, don’t be critical of what’s going on. Harry then warned his sweetheart not to talk about the pheasant hunt the next day.

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To be part of the royal family, you must therefore know how to stay in your place and above all be very discreet. In any case, Meghan Markle and Harry are now far from English protocol!


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