Meghan Markle and Prince Harry strongly criticized: she attacks the British press!


Meghan Markle takes out weapons against English tabloids! Injured by the papers focused on her marriage to Prince Harry, Archie’s mom did not fail to make herself heard! 

It’s no secret, Meghan Markle divides the media and public opinion. We explain to you! Since her marriage to Prince Harry, the young woman is in the spotlight. The English press accuses him of being ungrateful with his staff. Worse … She would even be the cause of the tensions between William and Prince Harry. According to some media reports, Prince Charles’s eldest would have “worried” about the marriage of Harry and Meghan in the past! Since Archie’s dad would never have forgiven his brother’s affront. But that’s not all !

Some media also pin Meghan Markle for his spending and his taste for luxury. The young mother has taken for her rank! For ITV, Meghan had not hidden his sentence. Tired of the attacks, the Sussex couple then launched legal proceedings against some English tabloids. According to the BBC, the Sussex has also brought legal action against the “Mail on Sunday” and the “Daily Mail”. Fed up with media picks, Prince Harry would be very worried about Meghan.

For the case that will be presented to the English courts, the Sussex couple’s lawyers pulled out the heavy artillery. They listed all items that were aimed at Meghan Markle. To protect themselves, the two media would have removed all published extracts of the letter that Thomas Markle had written to his daughter Meghan. It must be said that the tabloids have always painted a “negative” picture against him.

Meghan Markle’s lawyers have also attacked Associated Newspapers (which runs Mail newspapers) to publish “completely false” articles. The papers in question concern the Sussex couple’s renovations to Frogmore Cottage. The media also claimed that little Archie’s parents had used the English tax to retype their pretty home. The couple did not want to let go of this new coup, to quickly restore the truth! It remains to be seen if in the future, the English will be on their side again. Case to follow?


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