Meghan Markle and Prince Harry: the queen has forgiven them!


Harry and Queen Elisabeth reconciled? As Harry and Meghan distance themselves from the Crown on March 31, the Duke of Sussex spoke with his grandmother …

The “Meghxit” is coming soon! On March 31, the prince and Meghan will depart from the British Crown. Living six months in the UK, six months in Canada, a good idea? Except for the queen…

Elisabeth II would indeed have very badly appreciated the decision of her grandson. A family quarrel, the first in a long time in the English royal family. But in the middle of a coronavirus period, it is better to maintain family ties…

Harry and the Queen had a long chat this week. According to the Daily Mail, Elisabeth and her grandson got it right. And they would even have reconciled!

The queen would have invited Meghan and Harry for a vacation! Next June, the Duke of Sussex, his wife and son Archie should therefore find Elisabeth in Balmoral for a few days together.

The family is found, therefore. Meghan Markle received a lot of criticism after her husband’s decision. Harry moves away from the Crown: the Queen is not happy. And neither did His Majesty’s subjects.

But the coronavirus went through there. And with him, the family spent a few days in England: the opportunity to chat with the queen, and to strengthen ties. But there is still one piece missing from the puzzle: the other royal couple.

Kate and William indeed seem cold with Harry and Meghan. On Commonwealth Day, Kate even avoided her sister-in-law. Big discomfort. Probably, therefore, not to see them spending holidays together…

The royal family therefore begins to find each other. Harry and the queen talk to each other, it’s a start. But we will have to relax everyone, and quickly: at the end of the month, Meghan and her prince say bye bye to the Crown!


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