Meghan Markle: These photos that embarrass the royal family!


Meghan Markle continues to talk about her in the Windsor! The reason ? One of her friends has published photos of her that undermine the image of the British royal family.

You understand, Meghan Markle is not in top form for several months. Often attacked in the media, the Duchess of Sussex had also delivered without filtering her moods in a documentary unveiled on ITV. Tabloids around the world are also analyzing all of their actions. So obviously, the young woman saturates. But that’s not all ! The young woman would not get along very well with William and Kate.

Since entering the Windsor, Meghan Markle is trying to look good. If she has tried to be liked by the public, the media do not forgive her many missteps. To make matters worse, his family (on the paternal side) did not fail to pin several times in the press. To relax, the young woman (accompanied by her husband Prince Harry and little Archie) flew to the United States. But a scandal has tainted his happiness …

Not so long ago, Buckingham Palace saw red! The reason ? Jennifer Meyer who created a line of jewelry (and is also close to Meghan Markle) made a little mistake. The latter would have used (without the authorization of the Windsor) photos of the mother of Archie who wore her jewelry during public performances. Good publicity for the social networks of the young woman, but she unfortunately had to put an end to it.

It is a source close to the royal family, which has all swayed the Daily Mail. Jennifer Meyer had to resign herself to delete all the photos of Meghan Markle who carried her pretty creations. For the English monarchy, using the name and image of Prince Harry’s wife could be “damaging to Meghan and the royal family.” More fear than harm all the same …


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