Meghan Markle not celebrating Queen Elizabeth’s birthday?


Everything suggests that Meghan Markle will not be present for the queen’s festivities! The Duchess will be absent for her birthday.

This year, the Sussexes will therefore not be among the guests of honor. Indeed, Meghan Markle and Harry could ignore the Queen’s birthday. Elizabeth II will therefore celebrate her 95th birthday without them next April.

Well, Meghan Markle and Harry seemed to be expected from all over the UK. A priori, things will be slow for the couple.

If Prince Harry were to return to the UK for Philip’s 100th birthday as well as the memorial dedicated to his mother, the Duchess will remain in California. This, alongside his son Archie.

So the Queen won’t be seeing little Archie anytime soon it looks like. Between the Covid-19 and the various engagements of the former star of the small screen, there is nothing surprising in itself.

As it stands, the Duchess of Sussex will not be packing up and will stay in her villa. Never mind … It’s the queen who might express her disappointment, after all!

If nothing is set in stone, specialist Omid Scobie believes the restrictions will prevent Meghan Markle and Harry from crossing the ocean. So they will both stay at home no matter what.


For many, the absence of Meghan Markle at the 95th birthday of the Queen seems to be an offense to royalty. Although according to Scobie, an expert in crowned heads, it is not, far from it.

“It is not Meghan’s intention to snub the royal family,” he said, quoted by Observer. “If it weren’t for the Covid factor, she surely would have been there.”

Thus, this is not an offense against the clan but an unforeseen event due to the health crisis. Prevention is better than cure as they say.

However, it is not impossible for Archie’s mother to send Elizabeth II a gift to mark the occasion. Like a pretty bouquet of flowers as she likes to receive.

Especially since Meghan Markle will not be on her first try. Earlier, she had already hit the nail on the head by offering sumptuous gifts to her rival, Kate Middleton.

So she and her husband gave her a well-intentioned greeting card, but that’s not all. To break the ice, she would have offered him a leather notebook!

It remains to be seen whether this gift will be enough to reconcile the two enemy duchesses. Either way, Queen Elizabeth II will have to celebrate her birthday without the “royal thugs.”

Once again, nothing is set in stone, and the couple may finally make it across the Atlantic to celebrate the birthday of Harry’s monarch and grandmother. Another case to follow closely …


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