Meghan Markle must give up British nationality!


Meghan Markle gives up! While she had started the process to have British nationality, she will not go to the end!

Meghan Markle is therefore thumbing his nose at Great Britain! While she had planned to take Prince Harry’s nationality after their marriage, it’s official: she will never be British!

Because she would have had to stay in England for that… But with Harry and Archie, life changed. The Sussexes have decided to go to Canada. Then in the United States, to finish in Santa Barbara.

Problem, the laws to become British have very strict limits. Meghan Markle should therefore have stayed a rather long time in Great Britain to have the right to take nationality.

She therefore started the process from her marriage. But his will falls, at the same time as the Megxit arrives. Thus, she exceeded the limits that the law sets to be able to change nationality.

According to the Daily Mail, Meghan Markle would have had to live “less than 270 days outside the borders in the first three years after her application.” But the Megxit has changed the game …


All the more so as the quotas set by the rules are far exceeded. The princess should indeed have spent “less than 90 days outside Great Britain during the third year after her request”.

A total failure, therefore, for a woman who wanted to change her nationality. But above all a symbolic moment: Meghan Markle will never be a British princess. A hard blow, therefore, for those who tried to defend it …

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She did indeed arrive in Royalty with a lot of black spots. Divorced from a first marriage, she also became the first foreign princess. But she had made the effort to take a step towards her new country.

This step, she will never really take it. She drops British nationality. Meghan Markle will therefore remain an American, who lives in the USA… The break therefore seems clear with the Crown.


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