Meghan Markle in London: The price of her famous blue dress unveiled


Meghan Markle in London: The price of her famous blue dress unveiled. For the Endeavor Fund Awards ceremony in London, Meghan Markle wore a long blue dress. It is already out of stock!

Back in the UK, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry attended the Endeavor Fund Awards ceremony in London. For the occasion, she appeared in a blue dress.

The return of Meghan Markle to the United Kingdom does not escape the British ! On March 31, the actress and her husband, Prince Harry, will have officially left royalty. But before that date, the latter still respect their commitments ! So the couple is back in London for a few days.

Archie’s mother renounces royal office. But it does not seem to attract the wrath of the British so far! The proof ! They scrutinize each of its exits under a magnifying glass . Without forgetting to look at her outfits! Indeed, the Duchess and Henry of Sussex reveal themselves, always as accomplices and lovers, in the streets of London.

Thus, the royal couple attends the Endeavor Fund Awards ceremony. This evening pays tribute to former soldiers, wounded or sick. In fact, the prowess of 6,000 people is celebrated under the watchful eyes of the son of Lady Diana, a former soldier. But it is not for this reason that Meghan Markle is still talked about !

Despite the bad weather, Meghan Markle always takes care of her look ! Indeed, Prince Harry’s wife elegantly wears a long turquoise blue dress . Moreover, the brand Victoria Beckham signs her outfit. And all without wearing tights, which are forbidden! It is part of the royal protocol.

Thus, Meghan Markle’s outfit does not go unnoticed by the British ! On the contrary! Under the spell of this blue dress, they all tear it away. Besides, the brand’s website was already sold-out only a few hours after its appearance!

However, her outfit displays an exorbitant price. In fact, the dress costs $ 1,895! I l have to believe that elegance comes at a price ! Besides, Queen Elizabeth II had confided to her grandson that they were always welcome in the family. She must be proud of them!


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