Meghan Markle is still punished by Queen Elizabeth


Meghan Markle has done a big mistake … Indeed, the Duchess of Sussex has somewhat annoyed Queen Elizabeth II who has just got angry.

Meghan Markle and Harry had to give up their royal prerogatives. Something that of course did not please Queen Elizabeth … The latter must therefore have brought down her wrath on the couple. The Duchess is therefore punished. Despite everything, she would continue to stand up to him!

Everything suggests that Meghan Markle is persona non grata in the royal family. This time, the crown has just taken away other prerogatives.

Since leaving with Harry, each of her decisions seems closely watched. No wonder those close to the Queen are scrutinizing her attitude.

Thus, she would have made a mistake and would have panicked the queen herself. As a reminder, she had recently announced her pregnancy as well as an interview with Prince Harry.

Interview which should appear on CBS on March 7th. In the meantime, Elizabeth II has decided to make a decision and not the least.

From now on, Meghan Markle and her husband will have to abandon all patronage and this in the coming weeks. A new turnaround which only precipitates this divorce between the couple and the Crown.

Meghan Markle punished by Queen Elizabeth she stands up to him!


Relatives of the royal family have told Mirror the Sussexes are at risk of ‘losing the patronages’ that bind them to the Windsor clan. Never mind: they had already left for.

Either way, Queen Elizabeth hasn’t really appreciated the latest happenings about the couple. This one connects besides the meetings to rule the fate of the “thugs of royalty”.

Within the walls of the palace, it is already rumored that Camila and Charles will inherit one of their patronages. It’s the National Theater one, which the ex-actress wore in 2019.

“There was great excitement when Meghan took over from the Queen, but her lack of action for theater and industry as the health crisis has hurt us makes us sad,” a source told Mirror .

So this is not likely to help Meghan Markle’s affairs. The date put forward appears to be March 31, the effective date of the Duchess’s departure to America alongside Harry.

Speaking of the Duke of Sussex, he could cede his military titles to his enemy brother, William. Although other names are also put forward as successors.

On the other hand, the darling of Meghan Markle could continue to keep his charities. Like Invictus Games, or Sentebale and Wellchild.

Only time will tell what happens to Harry and Meghan regarding their honorary titles. As you are often told, this is something to watch very closely!


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