Meghan Markle is reacting to her brother Samantha’s book!


According to the Daily Mail, Meghan Markle would be horrified that her half-sister Samantha Markle could soon publish a book about her.

Meghan Markle has seen better days! The Duchess is reportedly freaking out that her half-sister Samantha Markle may soon be releasing a book focused on her life.

Since her marriage to Prince Harry, Meghan Markle has often intrigued the tabloids. It must be said that her private life is far from being a long quiet river.

It all started with her father Thomas Markle. Clumsy, Archie’s grandfather has often made the front pages of the tabloids.

For several thousand dollars, he has – in the past – agreed to make false paparazzades for multiple media. Unfortunately for him, her actions have repeatedly embarrassed the Windsor clan.

And especially her daughter Meghan Markle. Stung, the young woman ended up cutting ties with him when he began to reveal to the press all their letters exchanged. The height!

To this day, her father has never even met her  grandson. To make matters worse, Archie’s mom also had to deal with the shattering outings of her half brother Thomas Markle Jr.

The latter accuses him of having completely turned her back on him. “Being associated with Meghan has practically ruined my life,” he said for the “SUN”.

But also: “She sits there on her royal pedestal. And look from afar at what is happening in her family ”. Meanwhile, Samantha Markle (the Duchess’s half-sister) also pulled out the heavy artillery to shamelessly tackle her.

In a few days, she will be publishing an explosive book focusing on the life of Meghan Markle. And you will see, the content is going to hurt.


According to “Telegraph” Samantha Markle will publish in the United States: “The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister Part 1” on January 17, 2021.

Through 330 pages, the daughter of Thomas Markle will therefore unveil all the “truths” about her family! The novelist also promised that the “real face” of Meghan Markle would be revealed.

Prince Harry’s wife is said to be very “upset” by her plans, according to the “Daily Mail”. But under no circumstances will she speak in public to defend herself.

The ex-star of Suits has even decided to adopt the doctrine of “Never complain, never explain” (Editor’s note: Never complain, never explain yourself) very often applied by the Firm.

Also according to the “Daily Mail”, Samantha and Meghan Markle would have seen each other for the last time in Florida in 2008. Very different from each other, they made no effort to make up for lost time.


To this day, some Meghan Markle fans are convinced that her half-sister wants to profit from her notoriety. According to them, Samantha Markle would only have tried to reconnect with the Duchess when the latter started dating Prince Harry.

She has also increased the number of television appearances after the Sussexes’ engagement. Others also believe that Archie’s aunt would suffer very badly if she was ignored by Meghan Markle.

And that all of her actions would aim to get her to react so that they can finally talk face to face. To be continued !


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