Meghan Markle is following in Lady Diana’s footsteps!


Meghan Markle and Lady Diana have similarities! Fans of The Crown have discovered Season 4 and seen the similarities.

Season 4 of The Crown made fans think about Meghan Markle and Lady Diana… Their characters are very similar.

Since yesterday, Tweeter has been invaded by comments about the famous series … If you haven’t seen it, The Crown traces the life of Elizabeth II, the Queen of England!

As much to say to you that everyone is tearing up this great series … And season 4 is really a sensation!

Indeed, fans were able to discover Lady Diana played by Emma Corrin. Thus, this arrival in the series gets many reactions from Internet users!

The latter see in the princess, striking similarities with Meghan Markle! Eh yes ! Their independent and not very docile characters allow fans to compare them!

We therefore suspect that these similarities must please Prince Harry who must see in Meghan Markle a little of his mother … Super touching!


For this season 4, the followers of the series can therefore see the beginning of the unhappy marriage between Lady Diana and Charles. Poignant episodes that allow you to better understand the buzz around the princess!

It’s amazing how much of a sensation it still causes today! We found her so beautiful …

Either way, Meghan Markle may well take over from her stepmother … Indeed, in her demeanor, fans thought she looked quite like her!

Even the director of the show said so! Indeed, he said, “When you see a beautiful young princess struggling to find love and acceptance within the family, the parallels are obvious and the parallels are written on their own. ”

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In short, it seems that Prince Harry did not choose Meghan Markle for nothing …

And you, do you like The Crown?


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