Meghan Markle is fighting the Invasion of privacy Daily Mail


Ex-Duchess Meghan Markle once again attacks the Daily Mail for invasion of privacy! We tell you more. Meghan Markle attacks Daily Mail again for invasion of privacy!

The old one is not done with the Daily Mail. Indeed, the young woman is suing the media for “invasion of privacy”.

Meghan Markle believes the British tabloid was not allowed to publish excerpts from a letter she wrote to her father, Thomas Markle. The story dates back to August 2018.

British justice should take care of her case from Tuesday. Meghan Markle is asking for success against the publisher of the tabloid Daily Mail.

In fact, she sues the media without going through a trial. Indeed, a trial was to be held in January 2021 in connection with this case. But lawyers for Prince Harry’s wife have secured a postponement for fall 2021.


The war between Meghan Markle and the media is therefore far from over. Archie’s young mother therefore requested that the trial be postponed for “confidential reasons. ”

Still, her request was accepted by Judge Mark Warby in charge of the case. He indicates in fact that the young woman had followed a legal process for her request.

But the case seems much more complicated than it seems. Indeed, justice had authorized the Mail on Sunday, editor of the Daily Mail to support its defense on Finding Freedom.

You should know that this biography on Meghan Markle and Prince Harry had unveiled the underside of the royal life of the couple. She mainly focuses on the couple’s estrangement from the royal family.

Media lawyers therefore claimed that the young woman had even cooperated with the authors of the book. And this was referring to the letter the actress wrote to her father.


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