Meghan Markle Is Being Criticized For Attending Her Former High School, and Here’s Why


Meghan Markle is being criticized and trolled again because of her Archetypes podcast. The Duchess has often been questioned for the statements and stories she tells in “Archetypes” regarding her time in the royal family or her past life as an actress. This time, she faced criticism for re-attending her high school.

Markle began the 11th edition of the Spotify podcast Beyond the Archetype: Human, Being with Michaela Jae Rodriguez & Candace Bushnell with a visit to her high school in Los Angeles, Immaculate Heart High School. In addition to pleasant memories, Meghan Markle discussed the images of a bitch and authority that influenced her at school when she was growing up.

People recall Meghan Markle’s previous statements about her school life

Meghan Markle’s complaints about the stereotypes she encountered at school were not liked by many. Amid criticism, her 2017 interview with Craig Ferguson surfaced, where the former American actress proudly called Nutmeg one of her nicknames. During the conversation, Markle seemed absolutely normal with the stereotype of a Catholic schoolgirl. In an interview, she defended her nickname Nutmeg, mentioning that it was a funny way to call her crazy.


In episode 11, the Queen of Sussex conducted a proper investigation into the difference between the troops for girls at school in her generation and the current lot. After a visit to her school, Meghan Markle talked to three recently unconscious students of Immaculate Heart High School. Three girls, Abigail, Diana and Grace, openly discussed how the b-word is used as a way to humiliate women and bring them back.

It is noteworthy that a few episodes ago, Markle discussed the stigma around the “b” word. In addition, the Duchess asked three Immaculate graduates what they thought about the bimbo label. The response Markle received was quite shocking, as the girls informed her that until recently bimbo was not considered something negative.

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