Meghan Markle in financial trouble and forced to save?


To believe the “Daily Mail”, Meghan Markle has – for a time – been forced to save after the famous Mexgxit that occurred in 2020!

If to date, Meghan Markle is increasing contracts with the largest groups (like Netflix or Spotify), she was forced to save for a while after Mexgxit. But now all is well for the Duchess.

Since joining the Windsor clan, Meghan Markle has often hit the headlines because of her expenses. It is true that Archie’s mom loves beautiful things!

And when it comes to fashion, Prince Harry’s wife doesn’t deny herself a thing. In 2020 according to the “Daily Mail”, she would have spent more than 44,000 pounds sterling to perfect her wardrobe.

Or 50,000 euros! A nice sum in itself, but one that has nothing to do with the ceiling of his shopping budget for 2019.

That year, Meghan Markle would have bought 249,000 euros of clothes for all her official outings. Obviously, this salty note had made the fat of the tabloid press.


After the Mexgxit that occurred last March, Meghan Markle and Harry also had to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic. Wanting to monetize multiple conferences around the world, the Sussexes have therefore put some of their projects on standby.

While Archie’s parents remained cloistered in their sublime villa in Montecito, they had no time to be unemployed. Quite the contrary.

Philanthropists at heart, they continue to develop their Archewell Foundation. Alongside all of this, Meghan Markle and Harry also signed incredible contracts with Netflix and Spotify.

During 2021, the couple could also make their comeback in Europe! There is no doubt that for this occasion, the Duchess will amaze us with her incredible outfits. We look forward !


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