Meghan Markle: How did she make her bow “useful”?


Last summer, Meghan Markle had to deal with mourning: that of her child. Months later, she talks about her miscarriage bluntly …

If you follow the news around crowned heads, then this has not escaped your notice. Last summer, Meghan Markle went through mourning. However, today she wants to learn a “lesson” from it and make it useful.

Grieving is never easy for anyone, whether they are a loved one, a child or a parent. Meghan Markle, who has experienced a miscarriage, knows this more than anyone.

Still upset by this event, she did not fail to speak about it in a forum. She therefore chose the New York Times to evoke this painful memory.


While some wonder why she is only talking about it now, others wonder why it is useful to mention it. It seems that the Duchess saw it as a way to break the taboo.

Miscarriage is not an easily accessible topic. Besides the parents who have to go through a bereavement, the women who live this suffering feel very guilty.

“Losing a child is bringing unspeakable pain that many experience but that so few talk about,” Meghan Markle said in the New York Times. At least one in ten women would have been a victim.


By choosing to make this public, Prince Harry’s wife wanted to act as spokesperson for anyone bereaved by the death of a child.

While talking about it doesn’t alleviate the pain, Meghan Markle hoped instead to lead the way. A way of saying to every woman “I understand you, I know what you went through and you are not alone”.

It is also a way of relieving them of any guilt in this tragedy they are going through. The last thing you want to experience is feeling guilty.

Either way, the Sussexes are more tight-knit than ever. It also allowed them to have the support of the royal family, especially Prince Charles, after US Weekly.


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