Meghan Markle: Her podcast with her son Archie!


Another controversy for Meghan Markle! Some listeners to his 1st podcast on Spotify did not like his son Archie’s intervention.

Certainly, Meghan Markle and Harry struggle to gain unanimity each time they unveil a new project. This time, the intervention of their son Archie on their 1st podcast broadcast on Spotify is controversial.

Meghan Markle and Harry wanted to end the year on a high note! This Tuesday, December 29, the couple unveiled their very first podcast on Spotify.

During a streak, Archie the only son of the Sussexes also wished alongside his parents a “Fun Happy New Year” (Editor’s note: A new year and a happy year).

Amused, Prince George’s cousin finally burst out laughing. While some internet users loved the excerpt, others criticized the intervention of Meghan Markle’s son and Prince Harry.

For the “Daily Mail”, Rebecca English – specialist in the royal family – has therefore delivered her feelings on the Sussex podcast. And you will see, she is not going dead hand!


“I just listened to the 1st Archewell Audio podcast on Spotify,” said Rebecca English. “It’s a well thought out program. But I guess what we’ll be talking about the most is Archie laughing and chuckling at the end as he wishes people a Happy New Year. ”

And to specify not without bitterness: “He has a very strong American accent”. Not sure Meghan Markle and Harry appreciate the tackle.

On the Web, Internet users more or less share his point of view. “They’re absolutely not going to give this kid the chance to have even a bit of British in him, are they ?! », We can read on Twitter.

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But also: “No surprise her 8 nannies are American”. Or, “With the Mexgit, I thought they wanted to protect his privacy.”

With such reactions, not sure that Meghan Markle and Harry will repeat the experience anytime soon. To be continued !


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