Meghan Markle: Her nickname was revealed the biographer


The members of the royal family also have the right to their little nickname! And it is not Meghan Markle who will say the opposite!

Meghan Markle loves her nickname … And for good reason, it was herself who invented it according to a biographer.

Right now, for the Sussexes, life is not all rosy! In fact, since their departure for the USA, nothing has worked!

Eh yes ! As they have renounced their royal obligations, I might as well tell you that Meghan Markle and Harry are rather sidelined … Ouch …

Indeed, during the Remembrance ceremony, the Duke’s family refused to have flowers placed in her name. A shock for the Prince who served in the British army for 10 years …

Something was so close to her heart that together with Meghan Markle, they did things their own way. Thus, live from Los Angeles, the couple paid homage to two English soldiers resting in the cemetery.


The beautiful brunette is therefore hated by many people in the UK … Indeed, some even claim that Harry would be unhappy with her …

Yet since they left, it looks like Meghan Markle and her darling feel free and happy! They even plan to work!

Indeed, the famous Sussexes have signed a huge contract with Netflix! We can’t wait to see what will turn out …

Anyway, lately, we are learning a lot about Meghan Markle! Notably the fact that her little nickname “Markle Sparkle” which means “Sparkling Markle” was invented by herself at the age of 13.

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Indeed, during a theater class, there was already a “Meg” so the beautiful brunette chose another nickname that still follows her today! So cute !


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