Meghan Markle: her mother Doria lives with her in LA


Since leaving the royal family, Meghan Markle has been closer and closer to her mother Doria who lives with her in Los Angeles!

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry currently live in Los Angeles. And it would seem that Doria, the mother of the Duchess of Sussex, also lives with them…

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been away from the royal family for seven months now. Their decision in January shook the walls of England.

But now, since they moved to Los Angeles, the couple and their little ones are more exposed than ever. However, the main reason for their departure was to get away from the media world.

Not a day goes by without a new rumor falling about Meghan Markle! Whether good or bad, there are them every day!

But fortunately, Meghan Markle can always count on the support of her mother Doria Ragland. The two women have always been very close.

Archie’s grandmother would therefore live with them in Los Angeles. And for good reason! She decided to settle with them during the confinement period.


But since then, she has had great difficulty leaving her daughter. So this is what a source told our colleagues at Us Weekly:

“Doria Ragland continues to live with Meghan, Harry, and Archie. She has never spent so much time with her grandson since birth. ”

One thing is certain! Doria is unwavering support for her own daughter. She “gets up in the morning and reads to her; But she and Meghan Markle also made “all organic” Archie food together, “said the same source.

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There is no doubt that her daughter will be sadly missed by Doria after the pandemic ends. And for good reason! The Sussex rebels will therefore have to spend the second half of the year in England, with the royal family.


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