Meghan Markle: her luxury villa in California


Two months ago, Meghan Markle and Harry then purchased a sumptuous home. A comfortable villa in the City of Angels.

A house obtained for the trifle of 12.3 million euros. Well, that’s nothing when you’re Duke and Duchess of Sussex …

Except when we cut you off! The contract they would have signed to acquire this magnificent villa would therefore not please the Crown …

What did Meghan Markle and Harry get stuck in? They, who can enjoy a house with many bathrooms, bedrooms and outbuildings and even the own quarters of Doria, the prince’s mother-in-law!

While the purchase took place secretly, it quickly spread to the royal family across the Channel. This concerns the means used to obtain this abode.


Since they no longer have the royal nest egg to support them, Meghan Markle and her husband had to finance all this differently. Apart from the many appearances, dubbing, etc., the couple would have had recourse to loans and other discounts …

However, this is not to the taste of the royal family, who would see it as a disgrace! Especially since the Sussexes are not yet done with the work on their Fogmore Cottage, which they have promised to pay back.

According to Russel Myers, crown specialist for The Mirror, “the palace people are getting a little nervous about this because they still don’t know what deals they’re going to make to make money and finance their luxurious lives.”

As a reminder, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry must pay 20,000 euros per month for these renovations. In addition to the 55,000 euros which they use to pay for their luxury villa!

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