Meghan Markle her look has changed a lot since the Megxit


Meghan Markle’s look has evolved a lot over time. It must be said that between the time she was an actress and the time she became Duchess, her clothes are not the same. And what we can say is that she still has class!

Meghan Markle has always liked to be sophisticated. When she was playing in Suits, the young woman begins to pay real attention to her look. On the red carpets we always see her neat with dresses a little above the knee but always with class.

The Duchess even has a blog “The Tig” where she shared what she liked about fashion. She shared looks, trends and other favorites. But all that creativity, she puts it aside when she meets Prince Harry.

We remember the game they went to see. The young woman was dressed in a simple white shirt and jeans with holes. But now she has to be careful. Because of his relationship, there is a lot more media pressure. So she starts to watch her look.


But when she becomes Duchess that’s another problem. Meghan Markle has to stick to the label. From there, finished the dresses above the knees as well as the colored varnishes. Dress in a sober and elegant manner so as not to offend the Crown.

And the young mother is doing very well! No fashion faux pas during her time in England. But since Meghan Markle returned to the United States her look has changed once again. She becomes madam everyone.

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Anxious not to be noticed everywhere, the Duchess dresses simply. Simple pants with a T-shirt. We are far from the most sophisticated looks of the young woman. But one thing is certain: she is good in her sneakers.


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