Meghan Markle: her ex-husband is the dad of a little girl!


Upon marrying Prince Harry, the Duchess of Sussex had to say goodbye to her old life. Thus, she gave up certain habits …

Indeed, the beautiful closed her Instagram account in 2018. Yes! Members of the royal family do not have social media.

However, the Sussex couple have an Instagram account but… It is managed by Buckingham!

Meghan Markle seemed ready for this new life in England! Something to delight Harry and the Queen!

However, this change will not have lasted long! Indeed, the beautiful and her darling have decided to give up their royal obligations!

A desire for freedom or a return to normal for Meghan Markle? In any case, she and her little family have returned to the USA!


One thing is certain: Meghan Markle was talked about as soon as it was formalized with Harry! Indeed, the Duchess had already divorced!

A sacrilege for the protocol which does not provide for any divorce before a royal union … Ouch!

Still, Harry was able to marry the love of his life. All’s well That ends well !

If the couple have had a child, they’re not the only ones! Indeed, Meghan Markle’s ex-husband has just had a granddaughter.

He called it Ford Grace! A very nice name!

Recall that he had been in a relationship with the Duchess for almost 9 years! A real love story then!

However, in 2013 they separate because Trevor Engelson does not support the notoriety of Meghan … Sad news for fans of the couple!

In any case, the two exes have found love again. We wish them all the happiness in the world!

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