Meghan Markle: Her contract won’t please!


The royal family is afraid! With the huge contract signed by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle with Netflix, some secrets could come out

Netflix therefore risks cutting itself off permanently from the royal family… Because with The Crown, the tea towel was already burning. But with the contract with Meghan Markle and Harry, the situation could get worse!

The image of the royal family is indeed tarnished by the image of Lady Diana in The Crown. But it could be especially that Buckingham is wary of the freedom of speech of the Sussexes since the Megxit.

Nothing forces them to keep family secrets any more … But on top of that, the Sunday Times claims that the contract signed by Meghan Markle brings in a lot of money. Too much, even.

The rumors of the hallway indicate a contract at 75 million pounds … While Netflix is ​​only preparing two projects. A documentary on Meghan, Harry and Archie, and an animated series.

This still makes a lot of money for two “small” projects … The royal family is therefore concerned that Meghan Markle has committed to giving big revelations to be able to hit the jackpot!


The English tabloid even assures that this contract gives “nightmares” to the royal family. Not always quite in tune with the crown, Harry’s wife could get revenge …

And what better way to get revenge than to throw out the secrets of the Crown? Meghan Markle would therefore have a deal at 75 million pounds in her hands, and all the cards to deliver some secrets …

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While Anonymous denounced shadows in the death of Lady D, a lot of rumors surround the royal family. The same goes for Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophilia network …

Rumors unfounded, but which persist … And which allow the tabloids to imagine the darkest designs hidden under the Crown. Designs that Meghan Markle would hesitate to reveal!


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