Meghan Markle has filed an application to dismiss the “baseless” accusations of stepsister Samantha in connection with a “desperate desire to save” the libel case


The madness of submission. Meghan Markle is again trying to dismiss Samantha Markle’s half-sister’s defamation lawsuit, but the judge rejected the Duchess’ request. A previous attempt to dismiss the lawsuit was dismissed as moot because Samantha filed an amended complaint.

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The 40-year-old graduate of Force Majeure filed her first application for dismissal on June 17. In court documents obtained by Us Weekly on Monday, June 27, Megan spoke out against the claims made by her brother in her “baseless defamation case.” Megan as a whole has also incorporated her defense into her new movement.

Megan claimed in her submission that Samantha had “removed numerous specific factual allegations and evidence from her original complaint,” claiming that the facts would “completely refute” Samantha’s case. “It is obvious that her initial complaint contained an email from 2018 from Megan to the then Secretary of Communications at Kensington Palace, Jason Knauf, which, according to the plaintiff, served as the basis for allegedly defamatory statements in “In Search of Freedom,” the documents continue. “However, the email on its front side refuted the plaintiff’s claim that Megan was somehow responsible for the authors’ allegedly defamatory statements in Finding Freedom.”

The Duchess of Sussex’s petition continued: “Indeed, in her desperation to save her case, the plaintiff literally fabricated one of the statements, as evidenced by the missing transcript of the interview.”

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In March, the author of “The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister” said that Meghan was not honest when discussing her past or their father, Thomas Markle, during a CBS meeting with her husband Prince Harry. At the time, the philanthropist claimed she had never been close to her half-sister and half-brother, whom Thomas welcomed with ex-wife Roslyn Loveless before he married Megan’s mother, Doria Ragland.

“I grew up as an only child, as everyone who grew up around me knows, and I wanted to have brothers and sisters. I would really like to have brothers and sisters,” the actress said on retirement in March 2021, stating that she had not seen Samantha for almost 20 years. “[She] changed her last name to Markle again when she was in her early 50s… only when I started dating Harry. So I think that’s enough.”

For her part, Samantha often talked about her relationship with Megan or about their absence. In her March statement, Samata accused the author of The Bench of lying about her and Thomas so that they “could not interfere or contradict the false narrative and the fabulous life story that [she] invented.”

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Blogger Tig, however, claimed in her dismissal that there was no reason to involve a judge in this case. “We are not assembling a jury to decide whether two people are ‘close’ or whether someone really feels they have ‘grown up as an only child,'” Megan’s documents state. “The courts are not able to judge the legality of a person’s feelings about his childhood and relationships. And they shouldn’t be. … This dispute has no place in this court or in any other.”

Megan also asked to be reimbursed for her lawyers’ fees. Judge Charlene Edwards Honeywell, whom Samantha unsuccessfully tried to remove from the case, rejected Megan’s petition on June 21.

The Archewell co-founder shares Archie, 3, and Lilibet, 12 months, with Harry, whom she married in 2018. The couple moved to California after retiring from their top royal duties, a decision that became permanent in February 2021. We previously confirmed in April that Harry had been named as a “person of interest” in Samantha’s lawsuit.

With a report by Diana Cooper