Meghan Markle has been accused of manipulating Harry!


Nothing works for Meghan Markle! She is accused of humiliating and manipulating Prince Harry! We tell you everything!

Meghan Markle is still on the front of the stage. This time, she is accused of being manipulative and humiliating Prince Harry!

Since leaving the royal family to move away from the media, Meghan Markle has been criticized more than ever!

England are having a hard time accepting this decision. And let’s not talk about members of the royal family!

The Duchess of Sussex is not unanimous! And some then suspect her of being a great manipulator! Indeed, according to rumors, she is therefore exploiting Prince Harry’s kindness.

Many royal commentators have said they are sad for Prince Harry. Among them, Mike Graham, Dawn Neesom and Russel Quirk.

The latter therefore said: “It is Meghan Markle and Prince Harry who think they are in fact an alternative to the royal family. They have their own rewards. And with these nominations, it’s going to be really, really hilarious ”.

“I and a number of people have said that. So you must feel sorry for Harry. I know he was a very whole person. But that’s the way he was manipulated, led and humiliated by Meghan Markle ”


Russel Quirk then continued: “As I said before, he could be tossed and rejected in a few months when Meghan Markle is done with him. It’s actually quite sad to see. ”

If the mother of little Archie decided to move away from the royal family, it is also and above all to stop living this kind of scandal. Harry didn’t want his wife to suffer the same fate as his mother.

But unfortunately the reviews continue! And this, even if the former actress continues to turn a deaf ear!


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