Meghan Markle, Harry’s following the hunting tradition


There is always a lot of gossip and “we say” about Meghan Markle. But most of them are completely wrong. The tabloids love to create dramas to delight readers. So no, the Duchess never forbade Harry from hunting.

It is not vegan either. These two rumors were circulating. According to some newspapers, Meghan Markle has banned hunting for her husband because he is vegan. But no, you can get that information out of your head, it’s all lies.

But where did this rumor come from? The authors of the book “Finding Freedom”, a biography of the couple looked into the question. For them these rumors come “from the media to ‘attack’ the Sussexes, from fallacious ideas, dubious assumptions”

Worse, the words were said to have been picked up by members of the Duchess’s family with whom she is not at all close. Like for example his sister Samantha or his brother Thomas Jr.


But the funniest part is the origin of these rumors. For that we have to go back to 2018, during the Christmas period. Every December 26, the family goes pheasant hunting. William and Harry have always been engaged in this hobby.

But this year, Harry is not present. The reason is simple: it was his first time spending Christmas at Sandringham with Meghan Markle. So he had, for once, dodged this tradition. But the Duchess is far from being vegan.

We remember that their marriage proposal happened while Meghan Markle was cooking a chicken, for example. Then we also remember Sundays around a roast to flirt with the Prince. In short, once again, the tabloids create problems where there are none.

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