Meghan Markle and Harry soon ruined because of the Covid-19?


Because of the covid-19 pandemic, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry lost a lot of money. They regret their independence!

Freelance since March 31, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry bite their fingers. The former royal couple are losing a lot of money because of the covid-19!

The covid-19 pandemic? A real financial disaster for everyone! Indeed, the strong economic spinoffs speak for themselves.

Thus, the consequences impact everyone. Even Meghan Markle and Prince Harry can testify! While they thought they had enjoyed their independence since March 31, they began to be disillusioned.

And for good reason, no longer depending on the British royal family begins to cost them dearly. Moreover, the Daily Telegraph journalist Anne-Elisabeth Moutet can attest to this!

According to her, the “business model” of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry “is at a standstill”. However, the writer claims that “it is not their fault”.


Indeed, Meghan Markle and Harry seem to have chosen their year badly! When they wanted to regain their freedom, Archie’s parents find themselves completely stuck.

On the set of C Dans L’Air, the journalist explains: “What Meghan wanted, because it was really her decision, was to go to Los Angeles. ”

The reason ? Meghan Markle wanted to “continue her acting career” in a city “that she knows”. Indeed, Los Angeles is the idea to enter “the culture of celebrities”.

But because of the covid-19 pandemic, there is a big problem. “Global containment and the coronavirus have wiped out celebrity culture.” Ouch!

So, the pretty 38-year-old brunette bites her fingers. “The world before is over,” regrets Anne-Elisabeth Moutet. So the former Duchess of Cambridge is not likely to take off her career anytime soon!

Many figures mock the royal couple. “People didn’t care about them by saying frankly now is not the time, let’s stop. “