Meghan Markle and Harry: they pay the bodyguards of the stars!


The arrival in Los Angeles is therefore not an easy one for Harry and Meghan! While the English are disappointed with the decision of the Sussexes, they are experiencing concerns … Especially in terms of security.

Because they wanted to keep their English guards by their side. But it was not possible … So we had to find protections. It seemed that the royal family would pay for the security of the spouses…

But a lot of rumors go one way and the other. Who pays ? Why ? Very good questions… But while waiting to find the right answers, Harry and Meghan seem a little in danger.

A drone flew over their property… Not very reassuring. The Sussexes are therefore stepping up their search to find the person who will provide them with security. And thus make their choice on someone known …

The guard is therefore called Gavin De Becker, after Paris Match. His name means nothing to you, and neither do we … But he seems to be known by Harry and Meghan. And more, by all the gratin of Los Angeles … It is thus nicknamed “the bodyguard of the stars”.


A man known in the industry, therefore. Dear paid, too … But reassuring enough. While young parents imagine having a second child, they feel a little threatened in the City of Angels …

But Gavin De Becker will therefore be there to reassure them. Around him, the chief bodyguard will thus have 6 other guards under his orders day and night. Enough to allow Meghan and Harry to sleep peacefully, so …

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But how much does such a service cost? A small fortune… Especially that the lovers have to pay themselves. They can no longer count on the Crown. And this service costs 8,000 euros a day!

Harry and Meghan will therefore have to put their hands in their pockets to ensure their safety and that of Archie … For almost 3 million euros a year. Not bad !


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