Meghan Markle and Harry: New slap from the royal family


Meghan Markle and Harry will still have to face an affront! This time, it’s from Kate Middleton! It minimizes the Sussex!

Meghan Markle and Harry will once again face an affront from the royal family! The day of their reunion, Kate Middleton is organizing another evening in Buckingham!

Since January 8, family relationships have been complicated . In fact, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have announced their wish to leave their royal duties. They want to manage their own schedule and have a job next door!

They are also jealous of Beatrice and Eugenie of York. The two princesses can keep their title and work on the side. The English media finally turned against the princely couple. Reminding them that they have no security offered by Canada or the Crown!

Prince Harry has already returned to London. Meghan Markle will arrive in early March. A stressful journey where England will have her eyes riveted on her. His schedule is very busy! On March 9, there will also be a very special evening!

Every year for England March 9 is a special day! The royal family is reunited on the occasion of Commonwealth Day . The whole family should come. This day will surely mark a turning point in the English royal family. But above all, Meghan Markle and Harry will see everyone again!

Finally ! Not really everyone, Kate Middleton decided to organize a very big party that evening! To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the association of which it is a patron. It’s Place2Be. A charity which aims to help children with mental problems.

Thus, this event demonstrates the nonchalance of Kate Middleton towards Meghan Markle . The evening meant that the return of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex was not so important. The pill will therefore be difficult to swallow for the princely couple who have already had many affronts…


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