Meghan Markle and Harry: the money paid to the patients of Covid-19 is not theirs!


The DailyMail media revealed that the money Meghan Markle and Prince Harry sent for covid-19 patients would not come from their bank account …

Heart and soul, Meghan Markle and Harry did not hesitate for a second to donate for the Coronavirus. As the British media has told us, the princely couple donated 90,000 pounds.

A colossal sum which will be donated to people affected by the pandemic which continues to rage all over the world. But according to the English media, the money is not theirs.

Indeed, the Daily Mail announced that the 90,000 books are the revenue reported during the broadcast of their marriage on the BBC. So the money is not theirs.

As a reminder, the television channel had donated part of the proceeds to an association. Feeding Britain, an association which provides hot meals to the most needy British families.

The Megxit is more than ever at the heart of the news! It’s been a few weeks since the former princely couple packed up for Los Angeles.

A last-minute plan change for the two lovebirds that were originally scheduled to fly to Canada. But, the pretty brunette, who grew up in Los Angeles, preferred to return to California.

Since then, the wildest rumors have been parading about the couple! The lovers are said to have acquired a villa in Malibu. Its price: $ 12 million.

Anyway, in England the whole world only talks about them. Elizabeth II’s daughter Anne winked at Meghan and Harry yesterday.

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