Meghan Markle and Harry: everything is already planned to get out of the monarchy!


Harry, Meghan and the crown of England, it’s almost over! The two spouses come out of their obligations on March 31 … In three days, they will be able to return to normal life!

The Megxit is now! After long weeks of problems and criticism, Harry and Meghan drop their obligations with the Royal Crown. A clearly visible choice…

Since the Sussexes moved the day before yesterday! Big surprise, because of the Covid-19, the two lovers left Canada for Los Angeles at full speed. The fault of border closings.

Meghan and her prince will thus spend six months in the United States, and six months in the United Kingdom… but this news does not pass for everyone! Prince Philip would have it very bad …

The queen’s husband decides, at 98, not to forgive his grandson! The sad news follows for Harry. His father, who is sick with coronavirus, his grandfather is against him… times are tough!

But the prince and his beautiful now seem far from it all! After their express move to Los Angeles, they start a new life. Far from the problems of the Crown.

Meghan will be able to wear her own dresses, have an Instagram account, open her car door… things that were accused of her after her marriage to Harry!

After the Megxit, she even hopes to find the cameras. We can already hear it in a Disney Nature documentary, Elephants … a first comeback before returning to its actress roles?

The young woman dreams of it, but you have to be careful not to get too confused with the royal family … Even if it is probably already done! It remains to be seen how the Sussexes will find their lives.

In any case, they therefore live in Los Angeles. Harry, Meghan and Archie have a new life, far from the very righteous principles of the crown … They are free to live as they wish!


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