Meghan Markle and Harry: Archie is going to have a friend in Los Angeles


Meghan Markle and Harry: Archie is going to have a friend in Los Angeles. Meghan and Harry just arrived in Los Angeles, and the first good news for the couple: Meghan’s best friend has just given birth!

Meghan and Harry have just arrived in Los Angeles , and the princess will be able to resume her life ! First good news for her: her best friend has just given birth.

A first friend in LA for Archie: Misha Nonoo has just had a baby ! The best friend of Meghan Markle therefore awaited her return to her hometown for the happy event…

And it’s also good news for Archie! Meghan and Harry’s son, 10 months old , could therefore already have a boyfriend in the City of Angels … since the newborn is a boy!

Misha Nonoo and Mikey Hess called Leo . Leo and Archie could therefore become the second generation of friends after Meghan and Misha! Pretty cute news!

” Our lives have changed forever ,” says the new mom in a tabloid . We love him more than we ever thought possible and look forward to sharing each adventure with him! ”

Meghan Markle and Harry: Archie is going to have a new boyfriend in Los Angeles!

Others will be able to “share the adventure with him” since Meghan and Harry have just moved to Los Angeles ! The princely couple seemed to have gone to live in Canada…

But five days before the “Megxit”, the two lovers left for the United States quickly! A surprise not necessarily well accepted by the royal family , and especially by Prince Philip…

Never mind ! Harry and Meghan made their decision . The princess finds the city of her childhood and why not her life as an actress. On March 31, the couple can forget their royal obligations!

The good news is linked for the couple. However, there are still some tensions with the Crown of England . Giving up the crown, going to live in America, that’s a lot…

It’s even too much for part of the family! Harry seemed to be reconciled with his grandmother, the queen, but the surprise departure to the United States could pose other problems… business to follow!


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