Meghan Markle fully assumes the Megxit in front of his friends!


Since March, Meghan Markle has left the United Kingdom with Prince Harry. And apparently she assumes it completely in front of her friends.

Meghan Markle doesn’t regret her choice at all. After all that has been said and all the criticism, the Duchess is happy to have left. And she then entrusts it to her friends! She assumes her decision.

Since March, the young mother has left with Prince Harry and her son Archie. A decision to get away from the royal family and resume her acting profession that she missed so much. But that’s not all !

According to a Daily Mail source, Meghan Markle would have told her friends to understand why “her instinct for wanting to leave England made sense. And even more with what’s going on right now.

She would feel “destined” to fight against racism. Protests in the United States continue after the murder of George Floyd, killed by a police officer. So, the Duchess shared her feelings and her experience with racism.


But apparently it all goes further. The Duchess would really like to take part in the fight against racism in the United States and take action. The Daily Mail source explains Meghan Markle’s ambition.

“Meghan said that her leadership role is more important today than ever, she has spoken with Oprah (Winfrey, editor’s note) and other community representatives to find out how she can be part of this cause”

In addition, Meghan Markle reacted publicly to the death of George Floyd some time ago. After being silent for the first few days, she was shooting a video to explain her feelings.

She explained the problems due to racism and what she had experienced as a child. She even remembered the riots in Los Angeles when she was a child. In short, the young mother does not intend to be only an actress but to get involved in political life.


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