Meghan Markle: Forgot to celebrate Prince Charles’ year?


Meghan Markle and Harry are the few members of the Firm who have not celebrated the 72 years of Prince Charles this weekend on the Web.

This Saturday, November 14, Prince Charles celebrated his 72 years. While Windsor members posted adorable social media posts, Meghan Markle and Harry were unwilling to do so.

Even with the Megxit, Meghan Markle and Harry continue to be the favorite targets of the tabloids. Yet in the United States, the Sussexes are doing their utmost to improve their image.

But nothing helps! The parents of little Archie are often accused of being “ungrateful” and “pushy” by British public opinion. But also by some international media.

And lately, their silence over the birthday of an important member of the royal family has made people cringe across the Channel. Indeed, this Saturday, November 14, 2020 Prince Charles celebrated his 72 years.

If Queen Elizabeth II and her grandson – Prince William – drew their best shots to pay tribute to him on their social networks, Internet users were shocked at the radio silence undertaken by Meghan Markle and Harry.

According to “The Sun”, even if they are no longer active members of the Firm … The Sussexes like to create a buzz on the Internet when it suits them!


We must not forget that for several months, Meghan Markle and Harry have agreed to mute their Instagram @SussexRoyal. Since the Megxit, the couple can no longer use this attribution at all.

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Freed from all royal obligations, the Sussexes are no longer – to this day – obliged to make public wishes. Rest assured, it’s a safe bet they celebrated Prince Charles’s birthday directly by Zoom or by phone.

Unfortunately for them, Meghan Markle and Harry suffered the wrath of some Twittos. And their haters did not go dead hand. You’ll see !

“How nice of them! They splash the royal family every day. But can not publicly wish a happy birthday ”, we can read on Twitter.

But also: “It’s her father’s birthday today. Charles is on a diplomatic trip to Germany and Harry tries to embarrass him. Harry and Meghan are rude beyond what I could imagine ”.

But others still pointed out that they probably preferred to keep a low profile to avoid making yet another bad buzz. To be continued !


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