Meghan Markle: ex-duchess launches new trial!


After the lawsuit against Associated Newspapers and the case of the drone photos taken of Archie, Meghan Markle is once again fighting for the protection of her privacy.

New trial underway for the royal couple! A photographer has indeed taken photos of the Duchess and her son, without their knowledge.

According to Meghan Markle’s lawyer, the photographer in question works for the US section of Splash News and Pictures Agency. He subsequently sold the images.


Taken on Vancouver Island in Canada on January 20, the photos are scandalous. Images show Meghan Markle walking through Horth Hill Park with her two dogs and her boy in a baby carrier.

Not facing the lens, Archie is barely visible. But the couple are furious and that is understandable!

The case is therefore brought by Meghan Markle in a personal capacity, but also by her and Prince Harry on behalf of their son Archie. The couple denounce the photos which represent an abuse of the private information of Meghan and Archie and violate the law on data protection.

The trial took place in court on Wednesday! This is what their lawyer said before the judge: “In a nutshell, as counsel for the plaintiffs, I would describe what happened to the plaintiffs as being that they were ‘tapped’. It was without their consent or consent and it is admitted that it was by an employee of [the US agency], Steve Dennett. ”

Jonathan Barnes continues his plea! It turns out that the photographer behind the pictures had visited the “applicants’ private home” the day before.

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His reason? He wanted to “test his photometer and take pictures through the security fence”.

“So he wasn’t at the park by accident,” concluded the couple’s lawyer. Case to be continued …


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