Meghan Markle drops one of her father Thomas complaints!


Meghan Markle was recently suing the editor of a tabloid: Mail On Sunday. It therefore followed an exchange of messages between her and her father …

While Meghan Markle was on trial against Mail on Sunday, it looks like the Duchess is back-pedaling. Indeed, earlier in February 2019, the tabloid had made public an exchange of letters between her and Thomas, her father.

Faced with this, Prince Harry’s wife went to great lengths and filed a complaint last April. She therefore chose to stand up against the press publisher for violation of her privacy.

That said, Meghan Markle did not win the first trial hands down … On May 1, the jury chose to reject part of her complaint, forcing Archie’s mom to review her strategy and therefore withdraw these heads- this.

Indeed, the Duchess of Sussex withdraws the reason according to which Mail on Sunday “harassed and humiliated” her father, Thomas. It also removes the reason that the tabloid “deliberately manipulated and exploited a vulnerable and fragile person”.


That said, just because she lost a battle doesn’t mean she lost the war … Meghan Markle could therefore change paradigm in future trials, to save her from another bitter failure.

Meghan Markle still criticizes the tabloid for omitting certain parts of its exchange. And this, in order to slander about it…

It would also be, she says, one of the reasons why she is cold with her father. All this while the Duchess is struggling to reconnect with the latter.

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So this is only part of the deal, between Meghan Markle and Associated Newspapers. Case to follow…


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