Meghan Markle: Donald Trump gives her a very amazing tip


Meghan Markle: Donald Trump gives her a very amazing tip. While Meghan Markle is going through a difficult pass from a private point of view, Donald Trump gave her some advice.

It is quite rare for Donald Trump to expand on topics outside his country. Especially concerning the royal couple and Meghan Markle. Yet he tried an astonishing advice to the Duchess. MCE explains everything!

Since the birth of their son Archie, not a day goes by without Meghan Markle and Prince Harry being the target of criticism. Sick for their attempt to lead a really quiet private life, they are overtaken by their reputation. In addition, they chained small errors of attitude. Many things that make the couple is not very well seen in her country.

But more than the couple, it is Meghan Markle which is the target of the sharpest critics. In particular, she must deal with several cases at the same time. And her father seems to be closer to pressing her than to helping her. She seems very touched by the many critics. Despite the support of her husband, she seems very touched by the rumors circulating in the media.

We know, Meghan Markle is not very close to Donald Trump. She has never hidden it. Yet the US president has tried a little advice. A statement that seems full of good intentions. Yet this also sounds like a criticism of the Duchess of Sussex.

Donald Trump assures the duchess “take it all to heart.” He then advises her to “digest things differently.” Without really attacking the young woman, the president may be trying to misguided counsel. Not sure that Meghan Markle likes it. Especially since the young woman does not wear it in her heart.

A tip that seems to come out of nothing. Yet, as often with her, Donald Trump surely has an idea behind her head. It remains to be seen which one.

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