Meghan Markle disgusted by Prince Andrew: she reacts to scandal!


Prince Andrew is accused of sexual assault on several young women. Meghan Markle is shocked by the man’s comments and the royal family does not support him.

For several days, Prince Andrew has been in turmoil. Indeed, the latter finds himself involved in the Jeffrey Epstein affair and it does not look good for the royal family. The Prince allegedly assaulted several underage women during a billionaire Jeffrey Epstein night. He, too, is accused of pedophilia and he seems to have acknowledged the facts. Meghan Markle is in shock and the prince does not seem to have made consistent comments in an interview.

Not long ago, Prince Andrew gave an interview for the BBC. So, he came back on this case and he fanned the anger of Meghan Markle but also the whole royal family. Indeed, he denied the victims of the Epstein case and tried to justify himself. His words shocked everyone and Prince Harry’s wife could not contain his anger. And for good reason, the latter firmly defends women victims of abuse or sexual assault.

Meghan Markle listened well to Prince Andrew’s interview on the BBC. The Duchess feels shocked by the words of the man and she does not support him. Thus, a source close to the star told the Daily Mail that Prince Harry’s wife thinks that “The interview made all those who watched her want to snuggle under a table. Since the interview, the former actress of Suits and her husband have cut the bridges with the prince.

The Duchess and her husband do not want to have a connection with the Epstein case and they chose their side. Thus, Prince Andrew finds himself alone since no one would support him in the royal family. For example, Meghan Markle and her husband chose to no longer be their representative. Then, they pointed out that this was “with immediate effect. With this scandal, the royal family is still in the embarra. Nevertheless, Prince Andrew is clearly no longer welcome and he will have trouble getting up.