Meghan Markle: discover the salty price of her new black coat!


Meghan Markle was very elegant at the November 11 commemorations in Whitehall. Prince Harry’s wife was wearing an expensive black coat!

Meghan Markle just gave a lesson in style! On November 11, the Duchess of Sussex went to see her husband Prince Harry at the Cenotaph memorial in London for Remembrance Day. For this very special date, Archie’s mom wore a black overall look. Meghan opted for a black hat, but she also slipped a red poppy at the collar of her coat.

Meghan Markle’s V-neck coat and belt at the waist comes from a great English fashion designer! Her name ? Stella McCartney. She is also the daughter of the former Beatles Paul McCartney! Unfortunately, not everyone can afford their creations. The price of Prince Harry’s coat is worth it! You will have to pay 2325 dollars or 2100 euros to be able to get it.

Very proud that Meghan Markle was dressed in one of her creations, Stella McCartney wanted to let it know. The young woman then unveiled a post Meghan wearing one of his outfits on Instagram. “I am delighted that the Duchess of Sussex has worn a coat from my fall-winter 2019 collection for Remembrance Day,” wrote the stylist. But his message did not really please his subscribers …

Indeed, some have pinned the fact that Stella McCartney uses a Meghan Markle shot to advertise for her brand. “People are dead and so you can not find anything better to do than put your own coat in the spotlight,” wrote one user. “It’s weird to use such a special day for marketing … you can not find it ?! “Added another. Since then, the publication of the designer has obviously been withdrawn.