Meghan Markle: Detox smoothie recipe for back to school!


Who says holidays, says excess! Ditto for our favorite stars and even crowned heads. Meghan Markle has a detox recipe of her own!

Everyone has their go-to detox tip for the holidays. Including Meghan Markle, who shared that of her smoothie recently. Indeed, the Duchess of Sussex seems to be fond of detoxifying fruit juices.

Well, Meghan Markle seems on all fronts, after all. Not long ago, Prince Harry’s darling unveiled a charity cookbook on Amazon.

In short, a way to lick our chops, while training us to prepare good meals. Especially since the donations go to charity!

As we know, the Californian actress has a taste for healthy things. We know, for example, that she loves yoga and surfing and that sort of thing.

No wonder she has detox recipes under her elbow to correct holiday excesses. What to fill up with vitamins and good nutrients.

Never mind, Meghan Markle recently gave the Chalkboard a detox smoothie recipe. Ideal to drink in the morning, it will allow you to purge yourself a little!


To do this, Meghan Markle uses several ingredients, including almond milk and coconut water for liquids. Then she adds protein powder and chia seeds to it.

In terms of fruit, our Duchess loves blueberries, full of vitamins C and K, but also Vitamin E and potassium. For a sweet touch, she goes for cinnamon.

This at the rate of a spoon! It didn’t take Meghan Markle to learn about the virtues of cinnamon. True anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antibacterial, no wonder she likes it!

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