Meghan Markle determined to embark on a political career?


In this new year 2021, the former Duchess Meghan Markle could she embark on a political career? Meghan Markle is she greedy for power? Eager to make her voice heard, Prince Harry’s wife could embark on a political career.

Did you know ? Members of the royal family are prohibited from expressing their views on political matters. Indeed, it could harm the Crown.

Thus, Meghan Markle had to remain silent. However, Prince Harry’s wife can finally cover whatever matters she wants from the Megxit.

By relinquishing her royal titles, tMehe former star of the Suits series has regained her freedom. So Meghan Markle can finally talk whatever she sees fit. That is to say, politics.

Nevertheless, would the sister-in-law of Kate Middleton and Prince William embark on a political career? To protect her husband, little Archie’s mom should stay on her guard.


In any case, that’s what royal expert Howard Hodgson told The Express. First, he recalled the rules that Meghan Markle had to follow.

“It is quite impossible for a member of the royal family to talk politics,” he said. A rule he cannot derogate from.

Then he added: “If she starts a political career, she will leave no other choice to the Queen. ” That is to say ? Elizabeth II could “ban Harry from the family”.

So Meghan Markle would only do one thing: make the situation worse. “If she really loved Harry the same way he loved him, then she should take that into account,” he said.

However, Howard Hodgson thinks she can take the plunge. According to biographers, the former actress would like to imagine herself as President of the United States. Maybe she would consider running in 2024?

In any case, the pretty brunette is not expressing her wish to get into politics. At the moment, these are just rumors. Case to be continued.


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